Payitaht 113 English (Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid II)


    In Episode 112, Zalman reveals the secret of the British in exchange for his freedom. The British have buried weapons in certain places for use in riots and wars. Halil Halid follows the map showing the location of the weapons. Abdulhamid signs the railroad agreement with the Germans. Hechler is determined to take the tender. He tries to cancel the agreement. He confronts Abdulhamid. Otherwise, news will be published in the newspapers, the reputation of the people will decrease and the rebellion will begin.

    In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 112, Ahmed Pasha and Selim follow Zalman. Hunkar says that the British have buried weapons to be used in a possible war around Anatolia and Syria. Now, Hunkar has only one purpose, to get maps showing the location of weapons from the embassy. So Hunkar calls Halil Halid and tells him that these maps should be taken from the embassy. Halil Halid accepts this task. Bidar Sultan and Naime come back to the palace and see Zekiye Sultan. Zekiye Sultan tells them that it is better to come without informing. Zekiye Sultan gives gifts to those in the palace and goes to see her father. Hunkar and Zekiye Sultan talk. Hunkar asks Zekiye Sultan to lead the Harem. Naime Sultan is uncomfortable with the arrival of Zekiye Sultan.

    In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 112, Mahmud Pasha goes home and talks to Frida. Frida tells him that she has a legacy and has to go out to get things done. Mahmud Pasha asks her to come back after she has done her work. Frida agrees and goes out. Then Mahmud Pasha goes out to follow Frida. Halil Halid and other agents talk about their new assignment and make a plan. Frida goes to Zuluflu Pasha and asks about her father. Zuluflu Pasha tells Frida what is going on lately. Frida asks about the new British ambassador and says she needs to get close to him. Zuluflu Ismail Pasha tells that he is not a traitor. Mahmud Pasha sees Frida as she leaves Zuluflu Pasha’s house and continues to follow Frida.

    In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 112, Hunkar wants to see all his family at dinner and calls Bidar Sultan too. Naime Sultan goes to Shehzade Abdulkhadir and tells Zekiye Sultan that she has brought her a letter from Kemalettin. Abdulkhadir is very angry. Hunkar gives one of his chests to Hakki Bey and asks him to sell it for Medina. Naime Sultan is very annoyed by Zekiye Sultan’s cooking and being good with Hunkar. Selim confronts Zalman. Zalman says that Sultan Abdulhamid forgives him and is free, but Selim punches him. Hechler and Hunkar go hunting. Madame, Marco, and Anna go into a well and start moving through vestibules. Hechler offers Hunkar the deal and asks him to sign it. Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador arrives and says that he is against this new route. Hechler doesn’t care about this, but the Russian ambassador says he spoke to the British government and they didn’t want it either. A group of armed men stops them as Madame Blavatsky advances through the corridors to reach the Yildiz Palace. Mahmud Pasha brings the agreement to Hunkar and Hunka signs the railway agreement.

    In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 112, Zekiye Sultan came to the palace and noticed her father’s distance from Bidar. Naime has been jealous of Zekiye for a long time. It is disturbed by its existence, it becomes irritable. Meanwhile, Kemalettin wants to meet and make peace with Naime. Ahmed Pasha comes to Hunkar and says that Selim killed Zalman. Robert comes back to the embassy and asks what happened, but Goldschmidt says he is a traitor. Hechler comes to the palace and says there will be news in the newspapers. Halil Halid tells Hunkar that he cannot get maps. Hunkar says the agent among the British is Robert and asks Halil Halid to meet him.

    In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 112, Robert says he’s not a traitor and Mr. Brain may be a traitor. Goldschmidt does not believe him. Zekiye Sultan says that her father is not happy and that she will do something to change this situation. Hechler comes to Hunkar and says that he will either sign this agreement with the British or endure his results. Hunkar says he will sign the agreement. Goldschmidt goes somewhere with Robert, but Halil halid and the agents follow them. Robert sends a message to the Ottoman agents using the telegram machine in Brain’s room. After the message sent by the agents, Goldschmidt believes Mr. Brain is a traitor. While Hunkar and Hechler are drinking coffee, Ahmed Pasha comes and gives maps of the weapons buried by the British to Hunkar. Hunkar looks at the maps and tears the railroad agreement.

    What will Naime decide? What awaits Blavatsky, who reached Yıldız Palace through the secret passage? Will the ice between Bidar and Abdulhamid melt? Will Selim be able to pay Zalman the price of his actions? Will Halil Halid manage to get the map? How will Abdulhamid break the game of Hechler?

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