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Kurulus Osman 11 English

Episode 10 started, Alisar Bey is present in the room of Sheikh Edebali and while coming out, he informs Bala Hatun that about what happened inside. He also says to Bala Hatun and asks for her response and she refuses. He leaves with the answer that he will wait for her decision as he has been informed about the Gunduz Bey. Sophia is waiting for Yannis in the castle. Kurulus Osman reaches in the cave where Samsa Cavus and Siddique are preparing for a raid. Zohre Hatun informs Dundar Bey about the condition of Gunduz Bey. Alisar Bey reaches the Kayi Plain and shows off by asking about Gunduz Bey. Dundar Bey while knowing about who is the traitor, yarns at Alisar Bey. Alisar Bey accepts that he is responsible for what happened to Gunduz Bey and also tells Dundar Bey that it is in return for the stolen gold. Dundar Bey refuses but Alisar is blaming Osman for this.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Osman Bey and his Alps make some plans next. Kurulus Osman orders Erkut Alp to go to the market and bring some news. All of them are ready to go to the castle. Alisar Bey warns Dundar Bey that the Kayis have to his revenge if his gold will not be returned. Dundar Bey tries to overcome this situation but Alisar Bey says that they have to return the gold double. While Osman and the Alps are searching from where to enter the castle, Siddique tells them that he knows a secret entrance to the castle’s treasure room. Dundar Bey is angry at Osman but Selcan Hatun is trying to defend him. Dundar Bey says that Kayi’s future is more important to him than Osman. Bala Hatun brought some water for Sheikh Edebali and finds that he is crying.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Bala Hatun asks for the reason.  Edebali says that he is worried about the recent condition of Muslim ummah that how much we are hurting our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). We are not united. Alisar Bey summons fake astrologer Abdul to his room and asks him about the gold. While not knowing, Abdul tries to overcome the situation and fulfill his evil plans. He takes some water in the pot and starts seeing it. Then Abdul says that he is seeing something worth noticing then the gold. Alisar Bey asks Abdul to tell him. Abdul says that he is seeing Osman’s reputation going out and Alisar Bey is becoming stronger and stronger and his determination to become a Sultan is now empowering. He also says that he has to make alliance with his fellow trader. Alisar is believing all that Abdul is saying.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Dundar Bey calls a meeting of the Beys and informs them about what Alisar Bey said. All the Beys blame Osman for what is going on but Bamsi Bey tries to defend Osman. Dundar Bey orders to collect the gold in every condition. Meanwhile, Osman Bey comes to the tent and says that he will bring to gold by the morning. Then he goes to the tent to meet Gunduz Bey. Sophia receives the news of Alisar Bey’s arrival and becomes happy that Yannis has succeeded. Gunduz Bey opens his eyes and tells Osman not to be in trouble. Thereupon Osman Bey and Bamsi Alp come out of the plain. Samsa Bey, Abdurrahman Ghazi, and other Alps are dressed like Byzantine soldiers.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Bala Hatun comes to the plain and talks to other Hatuns but Aygul is uncomfortable with this situation. Sheikh Edebali tells Akca a story and sends him to Alisar Bey’s mansion to gather intelligence. Aygul puts salt in Bala Hatun’s sherbet. Nevertheless, Bala Hatun drank sherbet. Bala Hatun says that she is ready to provide all kinds of help for every Gunduz Bey and goes after the Aygul’s hostile attitude. Selcan Hatun warns Aygul and Zohre Hatun for what happened. Osman Bey and Bamsi Alp come to the other Alps. Dundar Bey is worried that not enough gold can be collected, but Selcan Hatun continues to defend Osman. Osman Bey and the Alps set out under the leadership of Siddique.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, After reaching there, Siddique tells them about the two ways, one going towards the Tekfur’s room and the other towards the treasure room. Osman goes towards Tekfur’s room and the other Alps proceed to get the gold. Osman reaches the Tekfur’s room and finds that Alisar Bey has reached there. Siddique is leading the Alps to the treasure room and they start entering inside. They succeeded in entering the treasure room and Bamsi Bey and the other Alps are happy after seeing the gold. By mistake, the Alps make noise which the Byzantine soldiers have noticed. They try to open the door but Samsa cavus and Abdur Rahman Ghazi are resisting them. All the Alps have started shifting the gold outside the room. Osman is listening to the conversation between Alisar Bey and Sophia and comes to know about their alliance and Mongols’ attack at Sogut.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Meanwhile, the Alps come to know about the Salvador’s betrayal as he has closed the secret door. The Alps try to open it but in vain. The Byzantine soldiers are continuously trying to open the treasure room. All the Alps are ready to fight till death but Osman Bey appears at the spot and opens the secret door. They become happy and started shifting the gold and succeeded in escaping from there. Sophia also reaches the spot and she is aware of it but says not to tell Alisar Bey about this incident. Alisar Bey is asking for gold from Dundar Bey. Meanwhile, Osman Bey reaches there and tells Alisar Bey to go out and leave the tribe with his gold.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 10, Mongols attacked the market and executed many people. On the other side, they also attack the Kayi Plain and capture Dundar Bey and Gunduz Bey. Meanwhile, Osman and the Alps reach the market and come to know about the Mongols’ attack. They start fighting. Balgay sends invitation to meet Osman Bey which he accepts and orders the Alps to bow down their swords. Balgay offers him the position of a Sanjak Bey to fight for him. Osman Bey says to return his sword to him and he will fight all of them and execute him. Balgay also tells Osman that either he has to accept his offer to be a Sanjak Bey or die. What will be the decision of Osman now? Will Osman and his Alps be able to fight a lot of Mongols’ warriors? What will they do to Dundar Bey and Gunduz Bey? What is the next evil plan of the traitors?


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