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The people who are fans of Dirilis Ertugrul or watched this TV show, they know how Dirilis Ertugrul gave us light in many ways. How Ertugrul taught us the true Islamic way of life through hadith and ayat of Quran-al-hakeem.

There are some other TV series also which enlightened the historical facts of our great Islamic history like Payitaht Abdulhamid, Yunus Emre and Mehmetic Kutulamre, etc. They taught us about true Islamic values. In these TV Series, many characters names are real in history and they have added a lot of values to our Great Islamic history and foundation of the Ottoman Empire. We have collected some real information about these characters from different books and websites so let’s put some light on these great personalities.


Ertugrul Bey

Ertugrul Ghazi was the son of Suleyman Shah, who was the leader of Kayi Tribe. They migrated from Khorasan and entered the Seljuq Empire. Ertugrul was brave and always ready to fight for Islam. He was also guided spiritually by Ibn-Arabi. Ertugrul became the leader of the Kayi tribe after the death of his father. The whole journey of Ertugrul is full of fights and challenges. He defeated Templers and Mongols in many fights with help of the Seljuk Empire.

Ertugrul had 3 brothers (Sungertekin, Gundogdo, and Dundar). He is married to Seljuk Princess Halime Sultan and they had three sons (Gunduz, Savci, and Osman). His younger son Osman after many years founded a great empire that lasts up to 6 Centuries. The full history of Ertugrul life, his fights, and his migration is very interesting and can’t be covered here, so you can click here to read full history.

The real history of Ertugrul can be identified by the coins minted by Osman Ghazi during his era. Rest are Folk tales and theories but they are really strong theories. The most powerful role of Ertugrul Ghazi is played by

Bamsi Beyrik

He is a legendary character of Turk history and found in many folk tales. He was a kind-hearted, very strong and aggressive warrior. We found his history in a historical book “Dede Korkut”. His nature was also funny. He spent about 16 years in the dungeon of the Byzantine Empire. He fell in love with a princess who helped him to escape. Rest of his life is not mentioned anywhere. He never met with Ertugrul Ghazi, they casted this character in series to keep legacy of this great man.  In the Dirilis Ertugrul, this character played by  Nurettin Sönmez

Turgut Alp

Turgut alp was a true companion of Ertugrul Ghazi in real history. He was a true friend and very much loyal and faithful to his bey, Ertugrul bey. He is famous for the fight with his axe. He spent all his life fighting battles with Ertugrul Ghazi. He was the commander of Alps in kay tribe. He lived a very long life of 125 years and had been a great source of wisdom for Ertugrul sons to establish great Empire. The full history of Turgut Alp from birth to death is available in another full article. Cengiz Coskun Played this powerful role with beauty.

Osman I

During the time 1258 AD, when Mongols is at its peak. Hulagu Khan attacked Baghdad and killed everyone there and Muslims were facing too many hardships. The Birth of Osman took place in the house of Ertugrul Ghazi, as we know he was the leader of Kayi Tribe. He was the youngest son of Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertugrul was fighting for his state but state falls later on and tribes founded his own beyliks, Osman also founded his own independent beylik which later on turned into a great empire,

The character of Osman played by Emre Üçtepe in season 5 and will be played by Burak Ozcivit in Dirilis Osman.

Gundogdu & Sungurtekin

Ertugrul path was full fights and difficulties but his brother wanted to live quietly, they separated their path from Ertugrul and live a life that historians don’t know about him. They migrated towards Ahlat while Ertugrul was going to Asian minor. The character of Gundogdo is played by Kaan Taşaner and Sezgin Erdemir played the role of Sungurtekin

Dundar bey

While Ertugrul was on his difficult journey and his two brothers left him then Dundar bey supported him and he was young that time. He was great warrior also but later on, he opposed Osman Ghazi and was killed by him. He was a loose character in history and not a leader like his brother, Ertugrul ghazi. He made many mistakes He died in the age of 92 year. In Dirilis Ertugrul TV series this character is played by Batuhan Karacakaya


He was a great mystic Sufi poet, philosopher, and Islamic scholar. He wrote many influential books. His writings had a great impact beyond Muslims. He was a great source of spiritual powers for Ertugrul. He was born in Andalusia in 1165. He traveled all the Islamic areas from Spain to Arab and then finally reached Damascus. He died in the age of 75 in 1240 AD in Damascus during Ayyubids dynasty. In TV serial this character is portrayed by Osman Soykut

Suleyman shah

He was the leader of the Kayi tribe. He spent most of his life in Khorasan and then migrated towards Turks lands and entered the Seljuk Empire. Oghuz Turks were lived in the form of tribes and they put their tents where they found green grass for animals and source of water. He was married to Hyma Hatun. He was the son of Kaya alp. He died in 1227 during crossing Euphrates River in Syria. His tomb is located in Syria Qalat Jabar. This strong character in season 1 is portrayed by Serdar Gökhan

Halime Sultan

She was the wife of Ertugrul Ghazi and also the princess of the Seljuk Empire. She was very loyal to his husband and dedicated support for his bey. She prefers the life in tents instead of the palace and gave the birth of great sultan who founded a great empire. Esra Bilgic played this beautiful role.

Hayme Hatun

She was a brave lady and lived a long life. She is the mother of Ertugrul Ghazi and wife of Suleman shah. She had been with his son Ertugrul through his all difficult journey and finally reached Sogut. She had been a great support to Ertugrul and also fulfil the duty as a bey of her tribe after the death of Suleman shah. This legendary role is played by Hülya Darcan

Saddetin Kopek

He served the Seljuk Empire as an administrator of court and civil arts. He constructed Palaces and caravansary. Zazadin caravansary is one of famous that recently opened for public after renovation. His ambition was to become sultan of the empire. He always played games put poison in his people to gain power. He managed to kill the Sultan Aladdin and his wife. He also poisoned the minds of sons of Sultan Aladdin but later on, Kaykhusraw 2 gave his death warrant and Ertugrul cut his head and hang on palace walls, this character is portrayed by Murat Garibagaoglu

Artuk bey

Artuk bey in TV series had been a great support for Ertugrul Ghazi and we can say he was the right hand of Ertugrul Ghazi. But, in real history, he never met Ertugrul and served as commander of Seljuk army and had been governor of Jerusalem. He has an entirely different story in history. In Resurrection Ertugrul TV serial, this character played by Ayberk Pekcan.

Al-Aziz of Aleppo

Al-Aziz was the grandson of great Sultan Salah Uddin Ayyubi who conquered Jerusalem and Quds from Christians and crusaders and gave freedom everyone to live life according to his religion.

Az-Zahir Ghazi was the father of Al-Aziz. His father had died too early when he was just three years old. He was immediately inherited as ruler of Aleppo. But a guardian is appointed with him to look after all the matters until he reached 17 year age. Guardian was the Shahab Uddin Tughrul, he also served a treasurer after 17 years when Al-Aziz gained all powers. His daughter Ghazya Hatun also married to the son of sultan Aladdin, sultan Ghyasuddin. This character role is portrayed by Mehmet Inci

Bayku Noyan

He was the commander of the Mongol army and appointed by Ogede Khan. His mission to expand the empire in the Persian area, modern-day Iran area.  He took the command in 1241 to succeed Chormagan commander. After his succession, his first step is the battle of Kose Dag, where he shattered the power of the Seljuk Empire. After this lose, the empire lost its major power and becomes an empty vessel.

In reality, there is found a sister of Noyan called Sara. She was very cruel and had become a real cause of pain for the Kayi tribe. Bayku Noyan accomplished many missions but he failed at one point. There is an article that gives a detailed history of Bayku Noyan.  According to Rashid-al-din, he was killed by Hulagu Khan, This character played by Baris Bagci. (By. Uzair Akram)