Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus Osman 2 English

This episode started with Osman Ghazi and Bamsi Alp having gossips about the determination which Osman shows that he and his children will spread the Ertugrul’s banner to the whole world. Dundar Bey’s wife seems worried about the current situation.

Then Osman Ghazi along with his Alps, Dundar Bey, and Aybars go out for a visit to Tekfur. While on their visit, Tekfur was attacked by the people of the castle. They tried their best to rescue Tekfur and Osman Ghazi succeeded in capturing an attacker but he got killed by one of the attackers and escape.

Dundar Bey also became angry and ask for searching the attackers. So later Osman asks for permission to search for them across their borders. The same attackers are now surrounding Osman Ghazi and Aybars. Both of them fight with valor. Aybars gets a blow and falls off the horse.

Later, Osman while fighting also gets a blow and falls into a river. Two women who were passing from there, rescue Osman Ghazi out of the lake with great difficulty.