Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus Osman 3 English

In episode 2, after the Tekfur’s death, the family in the castle is much grieved. Osman suspects the women that they executed Tekfur. Those women have been succeeded in taking treasure and relics from Tekfur’s room. And they are not Christians but Muslims.

Sofia asks Tekur’s commanders about failing in protecting him. Helen tells them that Osman was coming out of Tekfur’s room at that time and they go to fight with Osman but he defeats them and succeeds in coming out of the castle.

Now, they report Yannis against Osman about the incident. Tekfur’s commanders and Sofia plan to kidnap Osman’s relative to compel him to come out. Dundar Bey and his wife talk about writing a letter to Ertugrul about the situation prevailing here.

But in fact, Dundar Bey is not agreed with her. Yannis Efendi, who was reciting the Holy Quran in the cave, becomes angry after listening the news about Osman. So, there is the news prevailing everywhere that Osman executed Tekfur. On the other side, Osman meets with priest to know about those women.