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Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus Osman 5 English

This episode started, where’s Bala Hatun being kidnaped by the Catalonian soldiers of Prince Salvador. Kurulus Osman meets with his Alps and tells them that who will betray him, will be punished even severe than Batur. Zohre Hatun and Aygul along with Burcin are trying to heal Batur Alp.

Meanwhile, an Alp informs Gunduz Bey that Batur has been stabbed by Osman Ghazi. In great anger, Zohre Hatun reaches Osman’s tent and also tries to attack him, but Gunduz reaches the spot and stops Zohre Hatun by holding her hand.

Gunduz Bey orders the soldiers to arrest Osman. Bamsi Bey is praying for his son at his grave where he comes to know about the situation. He travels back to the tents hurriedly. After reaching there, Bamsi Bey asks Osman about stabbing Batur.

After knowing about Dundar Bey, Batur and Gunduz, Bamsi Bey becomes angry and goes to Dundar Bey’s tent. They talk about the actions taken by Osman Ghazi.