Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus Osman 6 English

The scene started with the visit of the Byzantium side to the Kayi Tent. Sofia, Kalanos along the head of market Aliser Bey are talking to Dundar Bey. There is a difference between their opinions as Kalanos is interested for Osman to be judged in the castle while Aliser Bey wants him to be judged in Sogut. Finally, they agreed for Sogut after Princess Sofia’s opinion.

Sheikh Edebali asks Osman to visit him. Gunduz Bey is searching for Dundar Bey and his brother. Osman orders his Alps to take Bala Hatun and Dursun Bey to the plain so that they can be cured. And Osman himself goes to meet Sheikh Edebali. Osman wants Sheikh Edebali to go to the Kayi Tent as soon as possible.

As the Alps reach the tent, Dundar Bey sends them to the caged tent. Bala Hatun’s condition is very pity as she had been tortured a lot. Zohre Hatun is trying her best to cure her. Sheikh Edebali gives an idea to Osman to kidnap Sofia as she is the daughter of Effendi Yannis after which he will be compelled to give them the cure.

Kalanos, Sofia, and Yannis are planning to create misunderstandings in the Kayi Tribe. They plan to get the treasure back by using the loving relation of Osman and Bala Hatun. As Aliser Bey comes to know about the poisoned Bala Hatun, he goes to Kayi Tent.

On the other hand, Dundar’s son Batur goes to the caged tent and tortures Osman’s Alps. Osman has been called to court by the men sent by Aliser Bey. Sheikh Edebali comes to the Kayi Tent and meets with his daughter. Dundar Bey and Zohre Hatun come to know that Aygul loves Osman but Zohre wants her to marry Aliser Bey. Dundar Bey gets disturbed after the arrival of Edeballi to the Kayi Plain.