Kurulus Osman English

Kurulus Osman 7 English

This episode started, Osman enters the secret room of Sheikh Edebali and finds Effendi Yannis there. Kurulus Osman asks Effendi Yannis that why he is here where is Sheikh Edebali? But Yannis says he isn’t aware of them.

Selcan Hatun and his companions are eating in caravanserai while Sofia enters. Yannis warns Osman of Selcan Hatun’s murder if Osman will try to execute him. Sofia asks for allowance to sit at Selcan’s table.

In great anger, Osman Bey pushes Yannis but he shows him the dagger of Hayme Ana Hatun and offers a bargain. Yannis also offers Kurulus Osman to tell him about the murderers of Aybars. Kurulus Osman gives Yannis relief and he tells him that Catalonian Prince Salvador is the murderer of Aybars and they are hiding in the forest.