Character History

Who is Bala Hatun?

Kurulus Osman Season which is on air on ATV Channel with each successive episode on Wednesday at 20:00 in Turkish while describing how the Ottoman Empire was established under the command of Osman Ghazi that ruled the whole world for almost six centuries, has attracted the audience’s attention soon. In Kurulus Osman’s first Episode, an actor named Özge Törer joined the series while portraying an important character Bala Hatun, the wife of Osman Ghazi in history. After watching Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman Season, people are searching about this important character in history. They want to know either she was the first or second wife of Osman Ghazi and about her exact complete name.

So, I have gathered some information about Bala Hatun like who was Bala Hatun? What was her complete name? The love story of Bala Hatun and Osman Ghazi? Who was the mother of Osman’s successor Orhan Ghazi? When Bala Hatun died? Where Bala Hatun’s tomb is located? So, here is curious information.

Spouses of Osman Ghazi

Osman Ghazi’s first marriage supposedly took place in 1280 CE when he married to Malhun Hatun, the daughter of a powerful Anatolian Seljuk Vizier Ömer Abdülaziz Bey. It has also been recorded that same Malhun Hatun was the mother of Osman’s successor, Orhan Ghazi. Osman Ghazi’s second marriage took place in 1289 CE when he married Rabia Bala Hatun, the daughter of famous spiritual person of that era Sheikh Edebali. She became the mother of Alaeddin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire. Her name is “Rabia Bala Hatun” in the history of “Uruc” and “Malhun Bala Hatun” in the other three important historians Aşıkpaşazade, Kemalpaşazâde and Neşri.

After noticing this, confusion has been created that what was the name of the daughter of Sheikh Edebali either Malhun Bala Hatun or Rabia Bala Hatun? The most competent Ottoman historian of today, Prof. Dr. A. Şimşirgil votes towards the latter stance. But either it was Malhun or Rabia but surely it was having Bala Hatun with it and because of the same reason, her name has been used as Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman Season.

Who was Bala Hatun

Bala Hatun was the second wife of Osman Ghazi, the first great Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Her date of birth is yet unknown but it is supposed that she was born in Anatolia. She was the daughter of Sheikh Edebali who arranged her marriage to Osman Ghazi in 1289 CE. Sheikh Edebali agreed for her marriage to Osman Ghazi after knowing about his dream of the establishment of the new Muslim State. After marrying Osman Ghazi, Bala Hatun was awarded the village of Kozağaç in the district of Bilecik.

Bala Hatun reportedly died in January 1324 CE and preceded her husband Osman Ghazi. Bala Hatun was buried in the tomb of her father Sheikh Edebali in Bilecik. Her Grandchildren names were Yıldırım Bayezid, Yakub Çelebi, Nefise Hatun, Sultan Hatun, Halil Bey, İbrahim Bey, Murad I, Süleyman Paşa, Şehzade Halil, and Fatma Hatun. And ALLAH knows the best.

Ozge Torer is a famous Turkish actress who is now playing the role of Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman Season. It has been reported that she is yet a student of Muğla Sıtkı Kocaman University Department of Performing Arts. (By. Uzair Akram)