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Payitaht Abdul Hamid II 108 English

In Episode 107, Zalman planned to bring Ottoman and Abdulhamid to the knee with the mint raid. Mint is surrounded. While Zalman tries to destroy the Ottoman monetary power in the mint, the British who know the situation pressures to pay the foreign debts. Will Abdulhamid be able to get rid of this curse and catch his enemy?

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 107, Zuluflu Ismail Pasha finds an excuse and sends Makhtar from the meeting and starts making a plan to get rid of Zalman. Hunkar orders British, French, Russian and German ambassadors to come to the palace. Zuluflu Pasha will continue to implement Zalman’s plan for now. Bidar Sultan comes to Hunkar and tells him that Cemile Sultan left the mansion to find her husband. Hunkar calls Tahsin Pasha and orders him to search Cemile Sultan with the soldiers. Bidar Sultan apologizes for hiding what she knows from Hunkar and asks for forgiveness, but Hunkar sends her away. Meanwhile, a message tells where Cemile Sultan is and Tahsin Pasha immediately sets out. Marco comes to Madame, who traps Cemile Sultan.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 107, Time is running out for Cemile Sultan, but the soldiers are about to find her. Tatar Bey comes to Uncle and says that he cannot find anything about Yanik. When Halil Halid takes Yanık’s man Panait, Yanık kidnaps Tatar. As Halil Halids try to save Tatar, they retreat to a treacherous trap. While Cemile is about to give his last breath in the well, Bidar explains everything to Abdulhamid. Abdulhamid is extremely angry when he learns that Bidar and Naime are aware of what Cemile is doing about her husband. What will Bidar, who has now opened completely, when he is not warm with Abdulhamid yet?

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 107, Dilruba hurries to Madame Blavatsky and says that the soldiers have found Cemile Sultan. This news makes Madame Blavatsky very angry. Hunkar visits Cemile Sultan and listens to her. Cemile Sultan tells everything about her husband to Hunkar. Hunkar says she needs to rest and goes. Ahmed Pasha and Ismail Hakki Bey talk about martyrdom and prepare for a final prayer. Mahmud Pasha stops the excavating soldiers and asks them to find a mole. Hunkar tells the ambassadors coming to the palace about what is going on in the mint and telling that this is not a political event. Hunkar then warns the ambassadors not to support the bandits. A few officers working in the mint get rid of the ropes and try to escape, but Zalman shoots them with a gun. Madame Blavatsky comes to the palace to say that she is very upset and asks questions about Cemile Sultan. Tatar Bey goes to Panayit and asks where Yanik is.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 107, Madame Blavatsky tries to clear herself by lying. Yanik Kasim comes to the market and apologizes for the captured men. Then Yanik Kasim apologizes for everything. As Madame Blavatsky leaves the palace, she talks to Gulcemal about the message. Gulcemal vows to calm Madame Blavatsky and says she is not guilty. Hunkar comes to see Bidar Sultan and gets angry because of what she has done to him. Bidar Sultan once again apologizes, but Hunkar does not forgive her. Ismail Hakki Bey prays in the cellar. Meanwhile, a mole arrives where they are, and soon Mahmud Pasha finds them. Hunkar and Pashas talk about the mint attack. According to the news from the mint, a fire was set in the cauldron inside. Zalman and his men started to burn the money in the mint. The ditch dug by the soldiers disrupts Zalman’s escape plan and he has to make a new plan.

Abdulhamid, who learned that Blavatsky is also in the events, how will he punish him? Will the trap they fell with will end Halil Halid and his men? Will Ahmet Pasha and İsmail Hakkı die in their cellar? Will Abdulhamid eventually catch up with Zalman?

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