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The Real History of Alisar Bey

Kurulus Osman Season which is on air on ATV Channel with each successive episode on Wednesday at 20:00 in Turkish while describing how the Ottoman Empire was established under the command of Osman Ghazi that ruled the whole world for almost six centuries, has attracted the audience’s attention soon. In Kurulus Osman’s first Episode, an actor named Saruhan Hunel joined the series while portraying an important character Alisar Bey. After watching Alisar Bey in Kurulus Osman Season, people started searching about this important character in history.

So, I have gathered some information about Alisar Bey like who was Alisar Bey? What was Alisar Bey’s role in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire? What was his relation to Kayi Tribe? When Alisar Bey died? Where Alisar Bey’s tomb is located? So, here is curious information.

Who was Alisar Bey

If we explore the history, we came to know about two personalities having the name of Alisar Bey. Both of them belonged to the Germiyan Dynasty and were father and son. During Seljuk period, both of them were the Emirs and Sanjak Beys having a lot of Beyliks and principalities under their control as vassal states. Ertugrul’s and Osman’s Beylik was also one of all these principalities and Beyliks which means Alisar Bey was the overlord to these also.

In Kurulus Osman Season, the Alisar Bey we are watching is the younger one, the son Yakup I (Yakub Alisar Bey, R. 1303-1327) of the Germiyan Dynasty. There isn’t any information available about his birth. Alisar Bey while negating the authority of Mesud II of the Seljuk Empire of Rum, made an alliance with IIkhanids to establish his own state. Alisar Bey raided the local Byzantine Empire and compelled them to pay tribute to him for some time. He also conquered Angir and Ayaslug presently named Simav and Selcuk respectively. [Büyük Larousse, vol. 24, p. 12368, Milliyet Gazetesi Yayınları, “Yakup Bey I”].

His first record in history was founded in Ankara while exploring the repair book of Kizilbey Mosque. In which it is clearly mentioned that the pulpit (Mimbar) of the Kizilbey Mosque was repaired by the Chieftain of Germiyan in 1298-1299 CE. This period is also close to the reign of Yakub I (Yakub Alisar Bey). From this inscription, it has also been cleared that the Alisar Bey ruled there as a vassal state of Seljuks and expanded his area of control to Kirsehir. [Ahmed Eflakî, Menakibü’l Ârifin]

It has also been reported that Alisar Bey was on friendly terms with Dundar Bey of the Kayi Tribe. During the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, Alisar Bey’s relations with Osman Ghazi were strained which led to the lasting hostility between the Germiyans and the Ottomans. Alisar Bey died after 1327 CE. And ALLAH knows the Best.

Saruhan Hünel who is now portraying Alisar Bey in Kurulus Osman Season is a famous Turkish actor who was born on 7th January 1970 CE in Istanbul. Saruhan Hunel has played extraordinary roles in Kaybolan Yillar (2006), Araf Zamani (2011), and Karagul (2013). Saruhan Hunel is husband of Sergin Akyaz. (By. Uzair Akram)

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