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Payitaht Abdul Hamid II 110 English

In Episode 109, Abdulhamid is worried about Ahmet Pasha, who cannot be found despite all the calls. He finds the way to reveal Ahmet Pasha himself. The threats made by the infidels’ work. Ahmet Pasha and İsmail Hakkı are saved. Zalman plays his last game. However, this time the zulfü has been woven. Abdulhamid and Ahmet Pasha are determined to drop the mask of the enemy.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 109, There is still no news from Ahmed Pasha and Ismail Hakki Bey. Hunkar orders the cops to search them. Meanwhile, the news comes that a hunter saw Ahmed Pasha in the forest. Hunkar understands that they have been abducted. Hunkar then invites British, French, Austrian and Russian ambassadors to the hunt. Bidar Sultan thinks that Behice Sultan will come to rule the Harem, and this situation upset her. Zulfet Kalfa comes to Bidar Sultan and tells that she is preparing to go. Bidar Sultan does not accept this and persuades her to stay with her. Madame Blavatsky opens the chest she found. A sphere with images and symbols, a miswak stick and a key come out of this chest.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 109, Madame Blavatsky thinks that everything that comes out of the box has a meaning and starts looking for that meaning. Hunkar and ambassadors meet for hunting in the forest. Hunkar fires into the air with a rifle, but the bullet hits a tree. Ambassadors cannot make sense of this situation. Hunkar says this is a hunt and an accident can happen at any time. The ambassadors want to leave the hunting area immediately, but Hunkar says his friends have been abducted and this has something to do with the ambassadors. If the ambassadors want to survive, they must ensure that Hunkar’s friends are released. Halil Halid wants to make a deal with Yanik, but Yanik does not accept it. Yanik wants his damage to be compensated and Halil Halid agrees to prevent the merchants from being harmed.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 109, Halil Halid and his team get out of the trap they fell. They make a deal with Yanık. They will pay the tribute they want from the shopkeepers. While burns and their men eagerly wait for the money they will get, they lose the money they have. Because Halil Halid has a clever plan. Bidar collapses when he finds out that Abdulhamid wants to send him to Izmit. So Behice Sultan does not want him when he comes. Blavatsky examines those who come out of the chest and tries to unravel its meaning.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 109, Bidar Sultan checks Abdulkhadir’s bank accounts and sees a large amount of money deposited there. Hunkar goes to Ahmed Pasha and gives the other part of the key to him. The key that will open the secret safe is now complete. Hunkar makes a plan to keep the organization secret. According to this plan, Ismail Hakki Bey and Tahsin Pasha will call the organization, while Hunkar and Ahmed Pasha will make a fake call. Zalman goes to Zuluflu Pasha and tries to persuade him. Zalman tells the plan to Zuluflu Pasha he prepared. Naime goes with her father and tells him that she has learned where Abdulkhadir is. Then she says that she wants to visit Abdulkhadir and even more wants to bring him to the palace.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 109, Hunkar lets her go, but Naime has to go with her mother. Sabahaddin and Frida secretly make a plan to gain the trust of Mahmud Pasha. Naime tells her mother about the things she spoke with her father but Bidar Sultan thinks Hunkar wants her to leave the palace. Hunkar and Tahsin Pasha disguise and visit a house. Hunkar paid this person’s debt and saved him from prison. Hunkar talks about Haydar’s business plan and asks him to include his wife in this business. Halil Halid and the agents set out to handle the money business. Although Cemile Sultan knows that Zekiye will come to the palace, she hides it from Bidar Sultan and Naime.

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