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Kurulus Osman 14 English

On last Episode 13, Osman was sleeping and was in a dream in which he sees a person coming to the Kayi plain. All of the Kayis are wondering after seeing him. Osman was praying to ALLAH Almighty when that mysterious person enters the tent. The person comes out to be Suleyman Shah (grandfather of Osman) and he awakens Osman from the dream and he finds himself in another dream being captured by the Balgay and his soldiers. He sees Samsa Cavus helping him in executing Balgay. He wakes up suddenly and Batur comes to see what happened to him. He tells them about his dream. Osman Bey and the Alps make a plan and set out to search for Balgay. Zohre Hatun comes to the Mongols base to meet Balgay. Osman Bey and the Alps succeeded in knowing the secret place of the Mongols.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13, Zohre asks Balgay to bring his son back to her and she will give Osman and Edebali in return. Balgay asks her to keep the promises otherwise she has to bear the consequences. Dundar Bey and Aygul talk about the recent situation. Then Dundar Bey calls Gunduz and tells him to go Nicea. He accepts but also concerned about Osman. Dundar Bey soothes him. Bamsi Bey comes to meet Samsa Cavus. He advises him to behave wisely but Samsa Cavus is not ready to understand anything. Bamsi Bey warns him of a fight if he will rebel against the Kayis. Meanwhile, the Mongolian soldiers are attacking the market, Konur Alp and Artuk succeeded in chasing them to the place where the other Alps are waiting to attack. As the Mongol soldiers reach, they attack them and get their uniforms and start moving towards the Mongol’s base.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13, Dundar Bey comes to meet Balgay and he surrenders himself in front of him. He informs him about the exile of Osman Bey. Balgay gets happy and offers him the rank of a Sanjak Bey which Dundar Bey accepts happily. He also gives him some gold, the Mongolian flag and asks him to leave the place. While Dundar Bey was talking Cerkutay, Osman and the Alps reach there, dressed up like Mongols. They get shocked after seeing Dundar Bey there. Zohre Hatun asks Selcan Hatun to give some clothes to Batur Alp and to return to the plain. Meanwhile, Bamsi Bey and Abdul Rahman Ghazi are talking about Osman Bey, Dundar Bey reaches the Kayi plain waving the Mongolian flag. All of them are wonder while some are appreciating him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13, Dundar Bey tells them that he is now a Sanjak Bey and then he calls a meeting of all the Beys. All the Beys support him in the greediness of getting gold except Bamsi and Abdul Rahman Ghazi. On the other side, Balgay invites all the Mongolian commanders to show them his power as he has achieved Cengiz Han’s laws and the dagger. Osman secretly enters the Balgay’s tent and succeeds in getting the laws and the dagger. After talking to the commanders, Balgay orders a soldier to bring the laws. Osman executes him and brings the empty chest to Balgay. He gets angry after seeing the empty chest. Mongolian commanders laugh at him because of which he executes one of them. Balgay orders to seal every possible entrance and to search for the laws and dagger everywhere. During all this, Osman and the Alps succeeded in fleeing from there.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13, Selcan Hatun comes to Dundar Bey and asks him about how he dare to sell the fur of Suleyman Shah. He scolds her and warns her of exile. After listening to this, Zohre Hatun supports her for her evil plan. As Selcan Hatun sets out, Zohre Hatun sends a message to Cerkutay to follow her. Bala Hatun is preparing to meet Selcan Hatun. Osman Bey meets Sheikh Edebali after successfully achieving the laws. Sheikh Edebali advises Osman Bey. When he was coming out, he meets Bala Hatun. They talk about the whole situation. After punishing the responsible soldiers, Kongar informs Balgay about Samsa Cavus’s intentions. Balgay makes a new plan to create more misunderstandings between Osman and Samsa.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 13, Bamsi Bey meets Osman and informs him about the new Sanjak Bey. He gets angry. After seeing Salvador, Bamsi Bey attacks him but he stops him that he wasn’t betraying. Osman Bey saves Salvador. He tells Bamsi Bey about this secret plan and then Siddique informs about what happening in the castle. Bamsi Bey gets happy and embraces Siddique. Meanwhile, Samsa Cavus was talking to the Beys, Mongolian soldiers enter the tent and inform him to come to meet Balgay. Samsa gets angry and executes them. When Osman Bey opens the chest in the forest, he finds it empty. Osman Bey has been betrayed by Batur once again. He brings the laws to his father. After knowing this, he sets out for the Kayi lain to execute Batur. Bala Hatun and Selcan Hatun talk about Osman Bey. After that, Mongolian soldiers succeeded in capturing Bala Hatun. Meanwhile, Osman Bey reaches the plain and removes the Mongolian flag there. As he was about to attack Dundar Bey’s tent, he gets injured because of Mongolian arrows.

What will Osman do to get the laws and the dagger back? Will Bala Hatun be able to understand Osman? How Bala Hatun will be rescued from the Mongols? What is Samsa Cavus going to do? What is the next evil plan of Sofia and Yannis?


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