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Kurulus Osman 15 English

In Episode 14, Dundar Bey says to Osman, Did you lose your breath while chasing the fire of freedom, Osman? I swear, I will execute you, Dundar Bey! What is it? Are you after what belongs to me, Osman Bey? Did you think you could take Genghis Han’s blessed entrustments from me? Let’s go! Hurry! If something happens to this Hatun, I can’t save you from Balgay’s furor. Yes, Cerkutay. Take her to Balgay without shaking her. You will come with me, we have half-finished jobs. Osman Bey! Dundar Bey! You agreed with the Mongols for my father’s fur! You made your son Batur betray! enough Osman. Enou You did everything because of your childishness. You will pay for it, not the Kay You will burn in the rising fire that you set. I will turn my father’s tent into a graveyard for you. Wolves are with wolves. jackals are with jackals. Jackals speak. until wolves stand This tribe will obey Genghis Han’s rules, not Oguz morals. You won’t live long enough to punish traitors.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14, Osman Bey. -Commander Balgay. -Later, Kongar. Die, Osman. Either shahada or freedom. Die. Stop. -Die Osman. I brought the message of Geyhatu Han to bring the laws back to him. I succeeded to take Genghis Han’s laws from Osman. Laws are my gift to Geyhatu. And the holy dagger. Geyhatu will reward you for this victory. Don’t worry, Balgay. Is he Osman? Yes. My Allah, don’t let me die in the enemies’ hands. Grant me death with shahada. Osman Bey is captive of Geyhatu. No. We will take him to Konya. Soldiers. Take Osman Bey into the cart. Cauterize his wound No one will approach him. Balgay. Come inside. I’ve brought news from Geyhatu. Stop Stop. You are the Sanjak Bey now. That’s what Commander Balgay decided. You can’t decide anything without Geyhatu’s consent. But if Balgay puts you in the position, he must be right.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14, I thought you were a man But there is a snake in your heart. Shame on you Batur. You saddened the Kayi tribe with your betrayal. Bamsi Bey. AbdurRahman Ghazi. Osman thought you were his brother. He sacrificed himself for you. Shame on my efforts on you. Watch your tongue, Hatun. Do you think my son is alone? You are making decisions without listening. I did everything. Your Bey. Your Sanjak Bey who you don’t like and oppose. Do you hear what you are saying, Dundar Bey? I do. Yes. Why do you think Koni came here, Bamsi Bey? Who set this game? Who got rid of those jackals? Me. I informed the governor in Konya. I made dogs enemies. Now. Balgay will get upset and fire of power will be set in between them.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14, By the name of ALLAH, Will she live, mother? Tell me, will she? I don’t know, I did my best. Allah decides. You are not fine. Come, lay down. Those cruel dogs. you will have the worst death. Mother. she is my eye’s light. Don’t let her die. Save her. save her. My Allah, help your servant. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. /m. As Salamun Aleykum wa Rahmetullah. O, the owner of everything. You know everything. You are powerful. You have real power. Ya Rabbi. Your Ummah is desperate. Not only invaders and the cruel. but also fitna and faction have invaded the hearts. We forgot the most powerful bonding. We forgot what Muslim brotherhood was. We lost our trust in each other. We were defeated by our ambitions and our selves. O, my Rabb, who knows everything. Wash the dirt in our hearts’ with the divine light of Islam. Lighten us. Let us be cautious against the infidels and the devil’s games. My Allah, let us be one of those who follow Sirat-i Mustaqim (The Straight Path). Let us be one of those who follow the right way and those who died as martyrs for this way. Ya Rabbi. For the sake of Your name AL-FATTAH (The Opener, The Judge), lighten our darkness. Let us defeat the infidels. Grant us a resurrection, to the Muslims who are waiting for hope, to the poor ones who are waiting for news.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14, Goktug. My brother. You are my brother. your elder brother. I’m Konur. Your brother Konur. Did you think I was a baby? Would Kongar believe this game? Who made you forgot our father who was executed by the Mongols? I’m Mongol. My parents died fighting. Goktug. they took your soul and mind. How could you forget this mark and? our tribe, which was destroyed, Goktug? How? Father. Konur. Goktug. -My Bey. -Father. I’m Mongol. Mongol. Let’s assume that you forgot this birthmark, our grandfather. and our executed mother. did you forget your heart? Did you forget Allah’s words? and our Prophet (SAW) for whom we took an oath to die? Tell me Goktug.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14, Do you know the death of those who harm the Kayis? You will learn. You were combative in the steppes, you are the same in Sogut. Your hair changed. but your character still the same. We have blood on our teeth now, Cerkutay. Even if I can’t take your lives, Osman will do it. You will all die. -Assalam Alaykum. -Wa Alaykum Assalam. -Assalam Alaykum, my Sheikh. -Wa Alaykum Assalam. I brought my Osman Bey’s greetings. Salvador. Traitor dog. Execute them all. It is hard to be a Turk, Sophia. You face the cruel for the poor ones. It is harder to not be a Turk. Because you face the Turks. We will make you go extinct. Shut up. Inform everyone. It won’t matter even if the world comes on us. Osman’s fight has started. Allah-u Akbar. (Allah is The Greatest)

What will Osman do next to save his tribe? What he is going to do with Kongar and Sophia? What is the next evil plan of Balgay? Konur brothers will be revealed to Osman and the Alps or not? All of these questions and more in Kurulus Osman Episode 15.


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