Exclusive !!! Kazakh Khanate: The Diamond Sword English Subtitle

Fifteenth Century B.C Descendants of the great Genghis Khan- The Earth Shaker – have been creating their national and crushing foreign states on the vast expanses ofEurasia for hundreds of years.One of them – the legendary Abul-Khayr Shaybani – usurps power in the White Horde. Two sultans, Genghisisds,legitimate heirs to the throne – Kerey and Janybek – are making an urgent appeal to some nomadic tribes for leaving the cruel tyrant.In the hope of better life and freedom, the nomads decide to follow the sultans and soon face bloody battles,severe trials,bitterness of losses and joys of victory.In such painful labors, a new nation – the Kazakhs – is born in the Great Steppe and a new state – The Kazakh Khanate – appears on the map of the world.The history of the birth of a free nation is depicted in the epic drama – The Kazakh Khanate the Diamond sword by film director Rustem Abdrashev

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